About Us

Orderwise is one of the companies within the Muse Technology Group.

Muse is a specialist IT development and services company.

Having spent 20 years perfecting our products in the pharmaceutical industry, we are now making a difference to other markets and industries through our innovative technology. Muse likes to lead by example and when it comes to ordering, if you're thinking it, we've probably done it already. We thrive on new ideas, and our people are always looking for new, unexplored areas to conquer.

Just because we’re in the business of IT doesn’t mean we’ve lost touch with the human aspect.

We build excellent long-standing relationships and like to believe we are extremely service orientated. We are passionate about customer support and this always remains our top priority. We have our own in-house call centre and on-the-road technicians for on-site support. If the call centre cannot resolve the problem telephonically, technicians are dispatched within 24 hours to sort out the problem. Bottom line: if there is a problem, we fix it.

We pride ourselves on our 1 to many relationships, 1 pharmacy is connected through this technology to all it’s suppliers and, by default the supplier is connected to all of it’s customers, thereby allowing a flow of not only ordering data but all types of valuable information.

We don't only care about the people we serve; we also understand that we will not be able to service them without the commitment and hard work from the people we employ. We respond with commitment to constantly growing and developing the skills and careers of our staff members. This formula has not only kept our ideas and programmes fresh, but has also kept our team focused. Our long list of long-standing employees is proof of this. When it comes to adding new talent to the Muse family we have an open employment policy – we employ people on their capabilities and as such have a highly diverse and capable work force.

Vision & Mission Statement

Our Vision
To lead today and to be even better tomorrow.

Our Mission
We strive to lead the market by producing products that are relevant to our customer’s needs. Service and innovation is what drives us

It all began with an idea a very good one.
What if we created a programme that combined all the individual wholesaler programmes that existed in the market? What if we allowed the pharmacist to select his medicines from the various wholesalers and allowed him to compare prices?

Six months later the idea was a reality.

Initial reactions from wholesalers were conflicting, but after an informal showing of the programme at the SACDA Show, the response from pharmacists was absolutely remarkable. And so Orderwise began with an employee list of 3 and a very humble office space.

Today Orderwise possesses over 50% of the retail pharmacy market and is still growing every day. After all these years we are proud to say that our original values remain the same: service and support of our current customers are what we value most. Our customer support system is fast, efficient and personal. To prove how much we value face to face interaction, our management is always accessible to assist with solving any problems.