Frequently Asked Questions

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1Q: I've heard about other ordering systems. What makes Orderwise different from the rest?
A: Welcome to easy. You place your order and the system does the rest. It’s easy. Our “LIVE SYNC” system automatically merges price updates, tells you when you have result and any other information. Orderwise offers on-going support from 7:am to 8:30pm and if we cannot fix it on the phone we will send someone out with 24 hours.
2Q: I’ve often placed an order for a product only to hear that it is out of stock a week later. Will this happen with Orderwise?
A: While Orderwise has no control over out of stock situations, we do report back to you immediately, allowing you to easily reorder from another supplier.
3Q: Even the best programs experience problems. What software support can I expect from you?
A: Our in-house helpdesk, open from 7am to 8:30pm, will resolve 99% of problems over the telephone. If necessary, we’ll send someone who will arrive within 24 hours.
4Q: I need to be sure that the price on the screen will be the final price on the invoice. Is this the case with Orderwise?
A: Yes, with the Orderwise program you don't only get to compare prices between suppliers, but our “LIVE SYNC” system ensures you are updated continuously with the latest prices
5Q: What kind of machine do I need to run the program?
A: You need a i3 or higher, 4GB RAM, 1GB free hard drive space and an internet connection.
6Q: Do I need internet connection or can I still connect using a modem?
A: You do need an internet connection.
7Q: Are there any barriers to the system if I want to start using it as soon as possible?
A: No, you need the system requirement, internet connection, your Rams number and wholesaler accounts.
8Q: How do I get the Orderwise system installed?
A: Simply phone us, and we’ll do the rest.
9Q: What kind of support do you offer?
A: We pride ourselves on our customer service. Our customer support center is on standby, from 7:am to 8:30pm, to offer help and if they cannot resolve an issue a technician will come and see you within 24 hours.
10Q: Do you take orders after hours?
A: With Orderwise there are no office hours. The system is on 24/7.
11Q: If Orderwise is experiencing a power failure, will I be at a disadvantage?
A: No – our generators automatically ensure continuity should ESKOM have a power failure
12Q: Is my data safe and secure?
A: Yes, all data is encrypted and stored in a secure database, both on site and off site.
13Q: What happens if my computer is stolen?
A: We keep the data on our side so we can restore all your old data as quickly as possible