Other Divisions

Muse is a solution orientated software developing company. We strive to offer the most user friendly and most comprehensive solutions to the very specific needs of our market. We believe all our current products lead by example and we are determined that those which are yet to be developed will do the same.

Orderwise is an electronic procurement system designed to simplify your ordering process dramatically.

Repwise is an effective, efficient, working system, a unique tool that enables you to keep your finger on the pulse of your sales force. Allows both management and the sales force to perform optimally. Repwise is paperless and generates reports automatically. Provides web-based,real time information.

SSD (Single Source Data) is your solution to acquiring the most accurate and up-to-date information on your sales position in the pharmaceutical market, from concise reports, measure the true effectiveness of each representative and know what each of your customers is purchasing from you.

Order Logistics is a comprehensive ordering and validating system for hospitals.

Order Dynamicsis an invaluable system for manufacturers and wholesalers,enabling you to see what's happening to your stock.

Pharmacy Network is managed buying group, taking advantage of growth and bulk purchases.

Trends is an online daily sales tracker Trends identifies percentage market share versus competitors, by product or SKU. Tracks product sales versus 5 direct competitors, live on one screen. Trends show movement on market share.

Make real-time decisions about brand direction and market interventions. Identify your number one competitor. Yesterday’s data today.