Customer Testimonials

Find out what our customers have to say about the Orderwise product.

Kalapeng Pharmacies

We have been using the Orderwise system for 12 years and found it invaluable in managing and controlling our group of pharmacies ordering. The Orderwise approval system allows us to remotely manage order by pharmacy. The Orderwise support centre is always available to sort out queries and problems efficiently and quickly. Without Orderwise, being very user friendly, we would spend many many more hours managing our purchases.
Mr Andrew Bediako (Group Chairman) | Mr Mogologolo Pasha (Group CEO)

Manor Pharmacy

This serves to confirm that we have been associated with ORDERWISE for some 15 years and can confirm that we have had the best possible service from this organization. It is a very valuable part of our business, and I believe that we save in the neighborhood of some R 30 – 50,000 per month.
Julian Solomon


As an owner of a group of pharmacies I had to incorporate systems that are user friendly for my staff and effective. Orderwise has been a very valuable tool the past 5 years that gives me control over my ordering in the different pharmacies as well as support should there be any problems. Without Orderwise, managing my pharmacies would be a very difficult task. The Orderwise are very effective in rectifying any queries in order for my team to be able to order without any problems. I would recommend Orderwise if saving time and money is a priority in your business.
Mr JJ Strydom

Bantry Bay Pharmacy

I find Orderwise absolutely key to my continued business success. I can't wait for a fully integrated system. The support staff are courteous and efficient and always available - what a pleasant change.
Garth Muller

Game City Pharmacy, KZN

Orderwise has been an integral and trusted component of the pharmacy for the past 4 1/2 years. The ease of use, and reliable up to date price comparisons ,ensure that my staff make full use of the system to ensure better pricing of stock purchases. The orderwise staff are always available and willing to help should we encounter a software or hardware problem , which means any glitches are easily sorted out between my ladies and the orderwise staff without requiring my input- one less thing to worry about in the Pharmacy !!!!
Graham Giles


As a business that has been around for more than 20 years our group of pharmacy had to ensure they invest in the best equipment to benefit the business , We currently have about 5 pharmacies which all have installed orderwise system for ordering, order wise it is an effective and user friendly system that we have used for many years to communicate with our suppliers in terms of orders. The service you receive from the team is also very effective in terms of any technical errors you might encounter which I promise you will hardly get, order wise Is the best ordering tool in any type of a business.
Lesiba Mashishi (Chief Operating Officer)

Parklands pharmacy

I have been on Orderwise for a number of years and am extremely happy with the services and efficiency of all the staff, any problems i have had are rectified expeditiously.
M. Fanaroff

LifeStyle Pharmacies

It is with great pleasure that I make use of Orderwise in my group of small countryside pharmacies.  Orderwise is both affordable and reliable. Stock control is the core to any business. As the owner I cannot be in my pharmacies full time, therefor Orderwise gives my staff the necessary information to make the right decisions when ordering each product. Orderwise compares prices and even gives me the history of all orders in one glimpse. All my wholesalers/suppliers/manufacturers are listed and this saves a lot of time.  The function by which you can search products by their active ingredients is also very functional and effective. Out of stocks and results shows very quickly and this enables us to re-order elsewhere in no time. Even though information is available on the system I also get monthly reports that enables me to evaluate the groups ordering patterns.  This is a wonderful tool in managing my pharmacies. The service of the Orderwise staff is very good and problems, even though in the minority, gets addressed and sorted out immediately.  The Orderwise representatives are actual, well informed and keep me updated of tendencies in the pharmaceutical industry. I can recommend Orderwise to any pharmacy or medical practice, big and small. The proof is in the pudding.
Hannelie Hartman

National Renal Care

As an innovative company we always strive to work smarter, not harder and Orderwise has helped us to achieve this.
Our staff can place their orders online, making it quick and easy and all orders can be traced from order to delivery.
Eslou-Lente Pretorius